Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A time to heal...

OK, some of you looked at the title and went right to the Byrds.  Those who did not, do not bother, the title is what it is -- no secrets.

My recent trip to Santa Fe (elevation 7000 feet) was revealing in two ways.  First, being at 7000 feet makes one from sea level a little winded by walking, and when it hits nearly 100 degrees F (38C), the air thins even more.  My wife took altitude sickness shortly upon our arrival, and I decided not to push my luck by going on a run.  We walked, and being that Santa Fe can be a little hilly (especially for someone living in the Gulf Coastal Plains), we decided that was enough exercise.  I did come back two pounds lighter, despite all the great food.  Secondly, the plantar fascia in my left foot really began to heal.  It made a lot of progress last week, so I am going to continue to rest it this week.  Even now, it feels 95% well.  We have a lot of work to do around the house and with the property, so I will be busier than usual.

Nonetheless, this week affords the opportunity to do tempo and balance drills, in addition to catching up on some self-study.

Next week I will continue to incorporate cycling and swimming on the same day, pushing the cycling to six miles.  I will continue to run the "HR Intervals", and may incorporate a second run on one of the days.  We'll see; I have to honor the left foot's plantar fascia before getting too crazy.

Meanwhile, keep moving, and forward if at all possible.