Monday, July 13, 2015

A full couple of days...and learning

Yesterday was a run day, my present HR-interval runs encompassing three miles (5km).  It was a good run in that I was able to recover to 95-100% between intervals for 2.3 miles (3.7km).  Previously, I was fortunate enough to maintain that type of recovery for only the first 1.2 to 1.3 miles (1.93 to 2.1 km).  I marked an improvement in time over the previous run, but still 15 seconds away from pre-Santa Fe.  I ran with a metronome, trying to get my cadence back down to 180 spm.  The metronome helped, but I am still not the consistent 180 spm (it was practically a straight line regardless of terrain and speed) I was doing for many, many months prior to my broken ankle.  Using a higher cadence is simply wasted energy, unless one is trying to speed up at the end of a race.  I will get back to my 180 spm; it will take using the same training methods that allowed me to achieve it before.

Today was swimming and cycling.  I did push myself more on the bike, but I also had to wait on traffic more than usual today, so the numbers do not really show my push.  I did manage to set a new max-speed high for myself at 16.8 mph (27 kph).  I cycle on flat terrain, so that means no hill assist -- all leg effort.

My swim workout extended my frustration with my inability to generate any propulsion with my flutter kick in the freestyle.  My breast-stroke is getting more consistent and rhythmic, but there is still substantial room for improvement -- at least there seems to be progress.  I went back to the swimming website I mentioned before, and reviewed all the videos and re-read the articles.  It seems runners have an issue with stiff ankles, and stiff ankles are death for the flutter kick.  The site recommend flippers, so I went and bought some specifically for training (shorter than normal flippers).  We'll see what happens when I return to the pool on Wednesday.

Altogether, the last two days have been good fitness days.  I cannot complain.

Keep moving forward.