Sunday, September 25, 2016

The formal PT phase is over...

...and now it is up to me alone.

CIGNA has decided that I will have to finish on my own, and I cannot say that I entirely disagree with their decision.  My progress has been very good, and although the pain level is not yet at zero, it will be the strengthening which will take me the rest of the way.  The ASTYM therapy has, perhaps, reached the point of diminishing returns, as is inevitable, anyway.

My therapist has given me exercises to complete -- some daily and some every other day.  Eccentric loading is still painful, and I expect it to improve through exercise.  My first evaluation score, made upon my first arrival, was 14, meaning I was in a lot of pain and very limited.  My second evaluation score, made two weeks ago, was a 63 out of a possible 80.  My therapist was working on a plan to get me to 80 points -- full restoration of range of motion, activities, and zero pain when we got the news that CIGNA said I would have to finish solo.  I have her plan in hand, and now I must execute.  I do have recourse with CIGNA should I not get to that "80" in a month or two.

I am working toward having both my arm and my hamstring at 100% by year's end.  I hope the hamstring can be ready for running by November 1, 2016.  I can work on building the aerobic base via exercise bike and cross-country skier until I am strong enough to use a real bike.  One-legged squats will let me know when I am ready for running.

The quest for wholeness and wellness continues...