Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It ain't happening...

...I am still not running.  The tendons behind the knee continue to debilitate me.  I have really taken it easy the last three days, and it feels better, which means there awaits a big chore to complete.  In this case, that chore is moving the remaining heavy cuttings and trunk from a 90 year-old pine tree to our burn site.  I dread it, because I know the strain will agitate my knee again and I will be in pain for a few days, hurting everytime I change positions either sitting or laying.

I am weary of this cycle, and have come to accept the notion that something is torn back there, and it needs medical attention.  I have an appointment with my GP, and he will give me the referral  I need to get a specialist to look at it (such is the way of insurance companies).  I had hoped to rehab this thing by this time, and everytime I get to the point like I am now, when the pain is there, but very manageable, doing anything strenuous -- even mowing the grass -- sends me into a relapse spiral.  I need a more informed course of therapy; I need to know with what I am actually dealing.  If I have to take a month off of any activity, so be it; I have already endured these pain cycles for six months.  If surgery is required then let's get it on and move toward rehabilitation.

I run again; I do miss it so.