Tuesday, March 1, 2016

PRICE works, or at least helps significantly

Yesterday was the devoted La-Z-Boy day I promised my body and leg.  It was hard because of the myriad of "things to do" racing through my mind, counter-balanced with sheer boredom.  Thank goodness for Netflix and Arrow.  I did execute at least eight full cycles of elevate, ice, heat, and compression yesterday, and movement was much more comfortable.  I reduced my activity (steps about the house) to a minimum.  I am experiencing much less pain, even heading into last night, but intellectually I know I am not "almost healed".  I am doing ice and compression cycles today, and noting range of motion after each cycle.  Yesterday, my range of motion was lifting the right heel until the foot just came off the floor, and that with some pain.  Today is looking much better.  I will "measure" again this afternoon to see how it is doing.

I know coming back will be hard for many reasons.  In the new house; however, I am able to return the Nordic-Track Excel to full operational capabilities, and it will serve as a starting point since little impact is involved.  I also have my dumbbell set and bench restored and in place for resistance training when the flexor tendons in my left hand heal.  Yes, it has been a rough move, with multiple opportunities for overdoing exertion, loading, and all other categories of efforts.  And yes, I am a bit too stubborn in asking for help.

I am hoping for progress today, however measured.  That would be a sign of healing, and healing is always a good thing.