Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Still healing...

Every morning I awake with the hope of no pain in my left foot's plantar fascia.  Every morning, thus far, I am disappointed.  It is frustrating.  After it "warms up", it feels fine, but I know it is still damaged.  Sitting for even 30 minutes and then standing on it reminds me it is not ready.

We are anticipating a move in a couple of months, to a home we are presently building.  Our exercise room had its associated equipment dismantled to make room for my moving boxes from France, and it has acquired other boxes since then.

Meanwhile, I watch my diet, wear orthotics to support the fascia when walking (that is rough for a guy who loves being barefoot), and keep myself busy with chores which need to be done prior to selling the house.  I have regular meetings with my construction manager as well.

Not being able to run diminishes my enthusiasm for many things, and it is a fight to keep finding ways to be active without hurting the fascia further.

I will say that using the orthotics have helped facilitate healing.  Healing is progressing, it is just slow.  I am grateful for what healing has taken place.

Keeping on...