Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Got to ride after all...

Today I was hoping to be onsite of our new house at 7 AM to watch them pour the slab.  It will take between 25-30 truckloads of cement.  As luck would have it, we got pushed to Friday.

I hopped on the bike and took a ride, extending it almost 0.5 mile.  I must say, the thighs are still burning.  I also note from my Garmin stats that I need to step it up a little bit more.  I fall into the trap of not wanted to push myself because I want to make sure I finish my distance target.  Since I am using the cycling as cross-training, I need to get my cycling to level 3 or better in Garmin's "Training Effect" index.  Level 3 or higher indicates that I am improving aerobic fitness, which is what I need from my cycling and swimming.

I did not have access to a pool this morning, so no swimming.  I do have a couple of things to try in order to improve my kick, which will, in turn, help me improve form and efficiency in the water.  Depending on how I feel after my run tomorrow, I could do a makeup swim session.

The plantar fascia did exhibit discomfort later in the day.  I went to cold roller therapy and it helped quite a bit.  I am not out of the woods with it, and will need to keep up with the roller massage until it is pain-free.  I was careful to note my running form, and I think my running form is OK.

I'll run tomorrow, looking for whatever improvement I can find.  Thanks for coming along.