Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Back in the saddle (literally and figuratively)

OK, literally back in the bicycle saddle as of yesterday, and figuratively, back to swimming yesterday and running today.

A week in Santa Fe at high altitude and a week off to let the left foot's plantar fascia finish healing still represents two weeks of not activating muscles in the way one does in cycling, swimming and running.  This is the week to get things going again.

I extended my cycle ride to just over six miles.  The swimming continues to baffle me, but I stay active doing drills and actual swimming (in addition to reading and watching video online as to how to address my challenges).  I will continue these "two-a-days" at least twice if not three times a week.

The run today was a challenge from the get-go.  It was 81 degrees F (27C) and thick wall of 89% humidity.  The thermodynamic effects on HR came on much earlier than normal.  Running form was good, but I have to do more tempo work to get my cadence in the right place.

The plantar fascia is not talking back at this point, a small victory I will celebrate.

Tomorrow they are supposed to be pouring our foundation at our house.  I want to see all of it, so I might not workout in the morning.Thursday's morning run is still on schedule.

Keep moving forward.