Friday, July 10, 2015

A little Turf-n-Surf

Ah-Ha!  You were thinking about that ribeye and shrimp combo down at the local steak joint, right?  Sorry to disappoint your taste buds, this is not nearly as satiating...

Yesterday morning I ran.  I must admit, I did not want to run yesterday, but I could not come up with an excuse that would sound acceptable when I typed it out here.  As usual, making the run turned out to be the happier choice.  It was 75F (24C)/95% humidity.  I did OK, though, two minutes faster than Tuesday's run, so I am getting back to where I left off.  It was indeed a hot and sticky run, but much better than not running.

I got the opportunity to swim later in the day, when the heat was in the 90s (+32C).  I worked out for twenty minutes, which is not such a long time, I know.  I am either doing drills or swimming laps the whole time.  When I got finished, I showered, but I had those post-shower sweats -- I had not realized what an intense workout swimming can provide (especially one that is less than efficient in the water).

Honestly, swimming and running the same day gives me a whole new level of respect (already high) for triathletes.

Today would normally have been a cycling day, but my presence was required at our house's construction site -- they finally got the slap poured.  It required 350 cubic yards (268 cubic meters) of cement, but really, that is for the other blog.

Meanwhile, keep moving forward, and run if the mind says 'no'.  It will thank you later.