Saturday, June 13, 2015

Cool moist blanket beats a warm moist blanket

I got out to run before 7AM today, and the air was definitely cooler.  It was still humid, but cooler is better.  I finished today's workout almost three minutes faster than Thursday's workout.  The best part of today's run was the focus on form, especially in the second half.  When you think about it, the movements you make while running slowly are the same initial movements when running faster.  Running in good form at lower paces will make for good form at higher paces -- which has more to do with increasing momentum in the legs after the initial heel pickup via the body lean.

I would like to say that I am not a star runner, an expert, or anything else.  I am just a guy north of 55 years who discovered the joy of distance running late in life and am trying to recover it.   I have my own heroes and inspiration, guys who are also north of 50 years and have made themselves into very good runners.  They have shown me that the goals I wish to achieve in running are possible, but I must stick with it, just as they did.  I write here to fight my own running demons, to relate the realities of progress, to share the journey, and to encourage others.

I take tomorrow off, let the body rest and recover.  I plan to add a couple of swimming sessions next week, probably on cycling days.  Fixing my swimming form is a goal for the summer, focusing on the four basic strokes: freestyle, breast-stroke, butterfly, and back-stroke.  Right now, I feel my swimming is more akin to punishing the water for existing...

Keep moving forward, and thanks for coming along.