Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Starting over...

The only way to be defeated is to quit entirely.  The last three years, especially the last year, have taken a heavy toll on my body and psyche.  Without getting into any details, I allowed such obstacles to detract from good fitness and dietary habits.  I have gained a lot of weight and can no longer expect to back up a little and get back in my running groove.  My focus must now be on weight loss through diet discipline and exercise.

I am starting over, which means to focus on aerobic (fat-burning) exercise and watching what I eat (at least 2/3 of the weight loss battle).  So far as running is concerned, I will be running on heart rate, keeping myself in the 70-80% HRmax zone.  This is achieved through a combination of running and walking.  I run until I hit my upper limit, then walk until I hit the lower limit, then run again, and so on.  In this way, I am keeping my body in the fat burning zone at all times.  I will add cycling at least twice a week for cross training.  I will push it until I am in the aerobic range as well.

I performed such a run today as the official "starting over" run.  I know this is going to take time -- a few months -- before I can start thinking about performance training.  I know it will work if I stay the course.  Besides, what better day to start something anew than your birthday.

Take care, run free.