Wednesday, April 22, 2015

First ride in a while...

Today was cross-training, in that I did something different from running.  The theory of cross-training is that the body becomes very efficient in its main activities, such as running, and one reaches a point of diminishing returns.  By cross-training, different muscles are being exposed to new activities, and even the "running muscles" are used differently, so they fail to find that "lazy path" to motion.  Further, by training different muscle groups, blood flow is increased throughout the body, resulting in better aerobic performance.  All good reasons to have cross-training in one's regime.

Blood certainly flowed in places it had not in a long time.  My thighs were swollen after this first ride of the new era.  The blood doesn't flow in that area as much when running or walking.  It did take me 9 minutes to reach the aerobic zone for my heart, but my legs would have fatigued if I tried to do it faster.  It is a matter of conditioning, which I no doubt need, and time.  It is all in the right direction.

Take care and run free.