Thursday, February 12, 2015

Back on track, again

I fell off the face of the earth on purpose.  The top of foot pain (TOFP) returned and would not let up.  I was not going to post complaints and whinings and general verbal diarrhea.  I had no idea if I would come out of the woods.  As I stated before, I know tendons and ligaments can take up to a year to heal completely, and with the loading running puts on the feet, I should not be surprised if it takes longer than six months for me to be able to run.

I have been stretching and massaging the foot, the Achilles, and the calves for some time.  I walked unshod as much as possible.  The TOFP did not go away completely, but I have reached diminishing returns in the therapeutic process the last month or more.  It is time to begin again, and see if the lingering TOFP is something I can live with.  I am walking at first, mostly to build up the soles of my feet for barefoot running.  I am cycling for cross-training gains.  I will do this for a couple of weeks before I begin running intervals.

I shall post here again after the first intervals...until the next time, take care and run free.