Tuesday, October 7, 2014

two-wheel ride

As I had a week off, I decided a bike ride this morning would ease the body back into the routine.  Tomorrow, I will get back to my 200x100 intervals.

This ride was the same distance as the last one, but it did not feel as strenuous.  The thighs burned a little, but overall, it was a light workout.  I will start adding distance on the next ride.

Last week we had sandwiches catered during lunch.  The sandwiches were of good quality, but a week of them and chips and other bad (but tasty) things we consume during such things operations took a toll on me.  I feel the effects of poor nutrition for days after it is consumed.  I gotta get smarter about such things, and that alone will help my running and cycling more than anything else I can do.

I have a busy month ahead, so it will be a challenge to keep up the running.  I have a goal of at least 10 running workouts this month, but they will wind up being in 3 different states if I pull it off.

See ya tomorrow.