Monday, October 6, 2014

real life sometimes interrupts

OK, I did not fall off the face of earth, nor collapse along my running trail, nor did I take a vacation to a place which has no mobile signal whatsoever.  I worked.  I spent last week running some operational tests with new technology at our test site, which is about an hour farther from home than my office.

The commute was longer, the hours were longer, the testing brought its own set of problems and concerns, a.k.a. stresses.  When testing any new technology, there is always some degree of risk that it will not work as expected, for any one of many different reasons.  One must "pad" the time schedule to account for that risk.  Further, when testing multiple technologies, as I was last week, the risks "cascade", ever increasing the likelihood that something will go wrong.  We had four new technologies to evaluate, and wound up losing half of our test time to failures.  We cut back on the scope of the work significantly in order to fit into the remaining time at the test site.  We accomplished about 2/3 of our original objectives.  After a week of 12-16 hour days, 4-5 hours of sleep a night, I am mentally and physically pooped.

Even this morning, I still felt wiped out.  Tomorrow I will run or ride the bike, I do not know which, yet.  I need the cleansing -- both body and mind.