Tuesday, September 23, 2014

roadwork again

I went back to my 3x2 intervals (~150m by 100m) this morning.  The morning temperature was an irresistible 64 degrees (18C). 

I disciplined myself to run a bit slower to reduce impact (always among the recommended "back in action" approaches after injury), and managed to run in the 9 1/2 to 10 1/2 mpm range, but most intervals were less than 10 mpm.  My bare feet tell me that my running balance was good, my cadence was in the upper 180s (which is good, but I would like it to be in the lower 180s; we shall see), and GCT was higher due to slower pace.

The rest of the body tells me that I need some core work (dreadful planks, here I come!), and I need to focus on keeping the core engaged.  The fibularis longus, the tendon I injured most severely in my broken ankle episode, is feeling a bit inflamed post-run.  I have no time this morning, but will apply ice therapy this evening.

Is this frustrating?  Yes, it is.  There are many factors involved in coming back, and mentally and emotionally, it cannot happen soon enough.  Physically, that is the problem.  The limitations on what we can do to the body to strengthen it and prepare it for more loading should keep the yellow flag of caution in our faces during these times, when re-injury (or even initial injury) is most likely.  I am educated enough on the topic through my own research to know that I have to go slow: cardio-vascular, immune, muscular (including tendons and ligaments), and skeletal systems are all involved in the increased stress endurance training places on the body.  AND each system has its own progress rate!  Throw in injury recovery, and even more patience is required.

Frustrating, yes, very much so.  The alternative is quit, which is the only way to lose.  I hate losing.