Thursday, September 25, 2014

not ready to push it up yet

I ran another set of 3x2 intervals this morning.  Before I began the run, as I was dressing for it, I considered pushing up to 4x2 intervals.  I had a long enough time to prep to remember the inflammation I felt in the ankle after my run 2 days ago.  I decided to not push it up at this time, wanting to make sure the tendons can handle the strain of the 3x2s before advancing.

My cadence is still range from 180 to the mid-190s, and I notice it increases later in the run -- a fatigue issue.  My pace was a little faster than two days ago, ranging from 8-10 mpm.  My heart rate hit 90% of max in the last interval -- as it should.  I have a little form factor issue with the right foot, more than likely it is slightly turned out, which is more natural for it, but poor for running mechanics.  I need to train the muscles to bring the axis of the foot inline with the direction of travel, something I have done before.  No doubt the injury has let old tendencies creep back.

In other news, guitar techniques and learning how to improvise continues to progress.  I have a much greater respect for people who can improvise melodic passages -- or compose them at all, for that matter!  I have not really worked on repertoire for some time now, as I am spending my time learning the styles of various artists, adding classic licks to my toolkit, and practicing the art of improvisation.

Saturday's run will be a one-mile run.  I am not going call it an LSD, because I will let the heart go as it wants -- I know I cannot keep it under 80%.  Technically, such runs are called "tempo runs", but that will not be appropriate for the Saturday run, either.  I am just going to run a mile, be huffing and puffing, and hope my ankle and foot are none the worse for it.