Sunday, September 28, 2014

laughing at myself...

I got the bicycle ready yesterday afternoon, then took it for a short (3.4 miles) ride.  The ride was on street, concrete paths, and dirt trail.  My thighs burned like a yule log, I has huffing and glad to slow down to cross intersections.  I was sure this was a solid CV workout, just by the way I felt afterwards.  I uploaded the data to Garmin Connect.  My maximum, not average, heart rate was 130 bpm -- only 70% of HRmax!  I felt like I had hit 85-90%!  I just had to laugh at myself.  Perception.  All perception.  Legs were burning, arms feeling unfamiliar stresses, different breathing patterns -- all made me think the workout was more intense than what the numbers would show.  Yet, those very same signs tell me the crossover training is needed, and will be beneficial.

The grandkids are here, and we are going to take them for a picnic lunch in the park.  I hope you have a beautiful Sunday with your family.