Friday, September 26, 2014

it's Friday; it's all good

Fridays, gotta love 'em.  The weekend is just hours away.  The work week, with all the good, hard effort to deliver as the job requires (and sometimes, then some more), is winding down to its close.  It's all good.

For me, this weekend involves my one mile run, evaluating the ankle and foot response, and finally pulling my bicycle out of mothballs (figuratively) so I can get it ready to ride.  Cross-training is important, and seldom done, by me, at least.  It is not easy to workout six days a week, no matter what regimes one is using.  I enjoy running; I enjoy resistance training.  I find it difficult to interleave three workouts of each into the week.  It is a mental thing, not a physical thing.

So, why the bicycle?  I want to "cheat the devil".  Riding a bicycle works different muscles than running, while pushing the cardiovascular (CV) system.  It is a great help to running, because it improves blood flow in different parts of the body (as does resistance training), and continues the push on the CV system (resistance training is not aerobic; it is anaerobic).  With improved blood flow in other parts of the body, there is less loading on the CV system during running, and I "cheat the devil" in getting back on track for improving distance and speed in running.  Yes, the benefits are that great from cross-training, and that is why I need to overcome my own mental hurdles in order to fold it into my regime.

Enjoy your weekend with the people you love...