Tuesday, September 9, 2014

beginning again

I am starting to run again, though it is not because I wanted to restart, but rather, that I have recovered from my broken ankle in May 2014.  Any runner knows the uphill battle of beginning again, because you wish you could step in and start where you left off, but instead, you are required to earn back that covered ground and climb the hill again -- it is earned and not given.

The title of the blog tells you my age is north of 55, but one is never too old to run.  I have read about 80 year olds who have completed marathons in less than 3 hours 20 minutes, and one 100 year old who completed a 10K.  Age is no excuse.  Nonetheless, it is a journey one should embark with knowledge, sensibilities, and skills -- lest one is forced off the road due to injury.

In my best of running days over the last four years, I could run four miles in less than 40 minutes, make a 10-13 mile run every weekend, and finally got my form to the point where I ran balanced and without nagging pains (oh yeah, I weighed 20 pounds less, too).  As of today, only the form has survived, and everything else is a goal.

I ran yesterday, a 1.2 mile interval run.  It was my first run since the broken ankle, and roughly 100m x 100m.  I will be doing what I call progressive intervals until I am running the whole mile, then will build upon that.  My paces were seven and half to eight minutes per mile.  I am running barefoot -- form insurance and assurance -- until weather dictates otherwise.

This is my journey of running past 55...welcome along.