Saturday, September 27, 2014

a mile run...

I wish I could say something wonderful about this run, so let me think....hmmm...I have it; well, two things, actually: 1) I made the contiguous run without reaching 90% of HRmax, and 2) my cadence averaged 180 spm.

As for the rest, the way back is going to be loooonnngg.  I have renewed motivation for that cross-training of which I wrote yesterday -- I need all the help I can get.   The bicycle gets readied today.  It is also time to pull out the balance board, as I could feel the weakness of the right ankle on this more durative effort.

Regarding cadence, my digital running metronome -- made by Seiko -- like its musical counterpart, can put emphasis on different beats.  I had been running with no emphasis, and therefore I ran with cadences ranging from 180 to 200.  Today, I had it emphasize every other beat, and this made it much easier to time my arm-swing.  My cadence is still not as dead-on consistent as it was (and had been) back in the spring, but that consistency was delivered out of focused effort for months.  It will come back this time, too.

Ready the bicycle, replace the garage light, get a haircut, have lunch outside on our deck, and maybe even dig around for my Bose wireless speaker (somewhere in the 'move from France' stuff), enjoy taking care of the grandkids on Sunday.  

I hope your weekend is joyful.